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Shala Akintunde is a Nigerian multidisciplinary artist and pioneer in the medium of Solar Art; a craft that seamlessly merges art and solar technology. He has received multiple awards but he is primarily lauded for the creation of the poignant portrait series, Shala’s Seven Spoon and his groundbreaking solar murals and sculptures; particularly

Shala’s Bronzeville Solar Pyramid.

Shala’s Bronzeville Solar Pyramid is a 16 feet tall pyramid skinned by unique art-rendered solar giclees. Now a Chicago landmark, the solar pyramid generates solar electricity that allows it to illuminate and provide energy to a neighboring building. This has made Shala’s Solar Pyramid the first public sculpture of its kind.

Shala’s gallery and public work challenge social convention in a charming, yet, confronting way. As a consequence, the artwork itself is expressed through re-examined forms of media and technology. For example, his solar-powered murals re-purpose the solar panel into a working canvas that provides beauty and electricity.

15x10Artist Shala by RenaNaltsas4
AllSaintsDayConfessional Artist Shala
Perspective at GirlsAgainstBoys2 Artist Shala
Make America Great by Artist Shala
ShalasBronzevilleSolarPoweredPyramid Artist Shala
Shala Solar Ribbon by artist Shala
artist Shala Color Blinds at the Mall
Philadelphia Museum of Art MLK bust by artist Shala
Artist Shala
SevenisMagic Artist Shala
famous Artist Shala quote about women building nation from MSI Innovator 2019 2 1


Photo: Rena Naltsas

Shala has partnered with multiple global brands including Nissan, Xfinity, Anheuser-busch and Lululemon. He has also received multiple honors, and his solar artwork has been the subject of a brand campaign and even a Fall course at the Illinois Institute of Technology.