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Shala lives and works in Chicago, while engaging in commercial, private and public projects internationally. He owns a media venture called The Movement Worldwide. It develops traditional art as well as art in the forms of entertainment, video, music, and fashion. His Movement art label also functions as a social impact firm dedicated to using Shala's work to solve social challenges . The company was originally founded as an independent recording label that produced and managed the unsung Hip Hop band, Qualo and various other Chicago artists; including visual artist, Hebru Brantley, and former Kanye West DJ and The Weeknd producer, Million Dollar Mano.

In 2016, Shala's Bronzeville Solar Pyramid was the subject of a Fall course at The Illinois Institute of Technology. That year his gallery work was featured at Miami Art Basel for the first time. He followed up with a sculpture series for Xfinity that was displayed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the historic Betsy Ross House. Shala won the Artist of the Year Award and the Creative Person of the Year Award in 2018. The Illinois Institute of Technology soon returned to tap him for his first academic fellowship. This led to his first TED talk in May of 2019. Commercially, Shala has partnered with various brands. In addition to Xfinity and ComEd, he has partnered with Lululemon, Anheuser-Busch, Martell and Mini USA. He debuted in his first commercial spot as a national spokesperson for the Nissan Motor Company's “Innovation That Excites”  campaign. The campaign, starring Shala and his work, was nominated for Digital Campaign of the Year and his impact on the advertising industry continued with his nomination for ADCOLOR’s 2019 Innovator of the Year. He is currently developing new solar sculptures and murals for projects in Chicago, St. Louis and Malta. His commissioned gallery work is currently exploring the use of glass and refurbished wood.


Shala Akintunde is a Nigerian American multidisciplinary artist and pioneer in the medium of Solar Art. He is best known for the creation of the infamous portrait series, Shala’s Seven Spoon and his groundbreaking solar murals and sculptures; particularly Shala’s Bronzeville Solar Pyramid. Commissioned by ComEd and the City of Chicago, Shala’s Solar Pyramid is a 15 foot tall solar-paneled pyramid covered in iconography. It is the first landmark of its kind. Aside from his solar work, he produces music and interactive art installations for various event commissions and films. Shala’s work challenges social convention in a charming, yet, confronting way. As a consequence, the artwork itself is expressed through re-examined forms of media and technology. For example, his solar-powered murals re-purpose the solar panel into a working canvas that provides beauty and electricity. His candid artist talks are quickly gaining notoriety and he routinely speaks at various institutions of higher learning; often following up with a unique DJ set and after affair.