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Brandon Holmes

1. Secure a property through donation or subsidized purchase.

2. Elect a recognized cancer organization to manage the use and maintenance of the property.

3. Paint and remodel said property into a useful event and rental space. Use pink paint for the entire exterior and some interior.

4. Activate demand for the pink property through an opening gala and PR.

5. The social impact organization rents the spaces within the property as an on-going income source.

6. People are more aware of the mental and nutritional causes of cancer. Treatments that are alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation are seen as legitimate viable options.

We are currently scouting for a Chicago property in a upper middle class or commercial area. We have three candidates. The ideal venue will be a greystone or low-rise residential building with a parking lot or plenty of street parking. We are hosting a series of meetings with various brands, organizations, contractors and real estate owners to expand our social service and create mutually beneficial partnerships. Below is a list of our current needs:

Partner Charity
• Property
• Legal counsel
Title sponsor
Gallery sponsors
• Volunteers

If you would like to be involved in this historical project, can see an opportunity for yourself and/or your organization or would simply like to contribute, please contact Chelsea Bailey

Shala's Pink House is a pink, multi-level event space that will bring social awareness to the emotional and dietary causes of cancer. In addition, it will support and promote alternative treatments and the prevention of cancer. The boutique, state-of the art rental facility will gener‍‍‍ate revenue by hosting weddings, events, boutique expos, meetings, art exhibits, and social service companies. This revenue will serve the Pink House mission by funding grants, initiatives and research.‍‍‍



Borris Powell

Anna Hovet


Cora Buckle
Katie O'Hern
Amanda Faber
Amanda Rivera
Heather Zimmerman
Sarah Moore
Kelley Bode
Sofia Akintunde
Lauren Bergiel

Fashion Show Producer

Ashley Gerroll


Michaela Vargas Caro


Camille Villegas

Hair Stylist

Holly Koloziej


Jade McDonald

Flow Johnson



Matt Roan


Earn Money

The Franchiise

Associate Event Producer

Sarah Moore

Event Producer

Michaela Gordon

Founder and Executive Producer


Thank you for your generous donation:

Miller Lite

Matt Spiegel From 670 The Score

Fox Sports


Enfuse Medical Spa

Rock Bottom Brewery

Lina Caro

Borris Powell

J.Crager Alternatives

Barauskas Family

Anna Hovet


Pink House Event from Jacob Popek on Vimeo.